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The Diocese of Northwest Texas

The Diocese of Northwest Texas is comprised of eighty counties covering 77,000 square miles.  Northwest Texas became a missionary district in 1911 when the Missionary District of Northern Texas split into two regions:  the Diocese of Dallas and the Missionary District of North Texas by action of the General Convention and petitioned the General Convention to become a diocese in 1958.  The diocese is the home of 32 parishes, missions and congregations; and five schools.

Hulsey Center1The office of the bishop, the Sam Byron Hulsey Episcopal Center, is located in Lubbock in the center of the diocese. The diocese has been served by eight bishops beginning with Bishop Edward Arthur Temple, 1910-1924; Bishop Eugene Cecil Seaman, 1925-1945; Bishop George Henry Quarterman, 1946-1958, as the Missionary District of Northern Texas; and as the Diocese of Northwest Texas by Bishop George Henry Quarterman, 1958-1972; Bishop Willis Ryan Henton, 1972-1980; Bishop Sam Byron Hulsey, 1980-1997; Bishop Charles Wallis Ohl, 1997-2008; and Bishop James Scott Mayer, March 21, 2009-present. 



The Diocesan Shield

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The Seal of the new Diocese of Northwest Texas was designed by the Rev. Canon Edward West of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City and Mrs. E. C. White of Midland. It is described in the 1958 journal as follows: “an outer and inner oval, the outer oval bearing inscription Seal of the Diocese of Northwest Texas. Seal bears star and mitre of the Diocese of Texas, the mother diocese. The star and colors (blue and white) are common to the seals of Dallas and West Texas, other daughter dioceses. The cross of St. George is characteristic of the Anglican Communion.”