The 59th Annual Diocesan Convention was held October 12-14, 2017 at Church of the Heavenly Rest and the Abilene Civic Center.  The event drew over 180 persons from around the diocese to conduct the business of the diocese, worship, connect and reconnect with people from other parts of the diocese, enjoy great food, and do a little shopping at the vendor booths.

The Theme of the Convention was I love to tell the story.  Renown professional story-teller, Kathy Culmer, charmed and enlightened as she told her story and helped us begin to see how important each of our stories are.  In his address to Convention, the Bishop focused on the interconnectivity of our stories and how this shapes our faith and action.

The folks at Heavenly Rest outdid themselves making all feel welcomed and cared for.  Thursday evening began with registration and Evensong at Heavenly Rest.  On Friday, the children of St. John’s Episcopal School enriched Morning Prayer with beautiful choral renditions of the Venite, the hymn I love to tell the story of unseen things above, and a sung blessing.  On Friday after the business session held at the civic center concluded, delegates and guests were invited to dinner and dancing in the newly dedicated Gerhart Hall at Heavenly Rest.  Saturday morning brought us all together once again for Eucharist at Heavenly Rest, where we heard Bishop Mayer preach and the final business of the diocese was conducted.    

Find video of Bishop Mayer’s Charge to the Convention here.

Find video of guest speaker, Kathy Culmer’s first presentation to the Convention here.

Find video of guest speaker Kathy Culmer’s second presentation to the Convention here

Listen to the Bishop’s sermon at the closing Eucharist here.

Find a photo gallery here.


Actions of Convention:


The following persons were elected:

Northwest Texas Board of Trustees  (lay to 2022)

Mr. John Caldwell, Emmanuel, San Angelo

Executive Council (clergy to 2020)

The Rev. David Galletly, Holy Trinity, Midland

Executive Council (lay to 2020)

Mr. Brickland Easton, St. Stephen’s, Lubbock

Executive Council (lay to complete unexpired term to 2018)

Mr. Matt Maguire, St. Nicholas, Midland

Standing Committee (clergy to 2020)

The Rev. Jill Walters, St. Andrew’s, Amarillo

Standing Committee (lay to 2020)

Ms. Yvonne Batts, Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene


Constitution and Canons

Constitutional amendments require passage by two consecutive Conventions with a two-thirds vote of each order (lay and clergy) voting separately.  Changes to the Diocesan Canons require passage by only one Convention, with a majority vote of each order (lay and Clergy) voting separately. 

The Constitution and Canons Committee proposed a second reading and vote on an amendment to Article VII of the Diocesan Constitution after its first reading and approval at the 2016 Convention. The proposal passed and the changes became effective at the end of Convention.   

The Constitution and Canons Committee proposed a first reading and vote to amend Articles III and IV of the Diocesan Constitution.  The amendments were approved and will appear before the 2018 Convention in the same format for second reading and approval.   

The Constitution and Canons Committee proposed amendments to Canons 4, 13, 16, and 40 of the Diocesan Canons.  The amendments passed and became effective at the end of Convention.

The changes can be viewed here on the report presented by the Constitution and Canons Committee.


2018 Budget and Apportionments

The approved 2018 Budget can be viewed here and the 2018 Apportionments here.