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NWT Episcopal Church Women
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Episcopal Church Women


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Are there ECW Chapters in Northwest Texas?

Currently the following parishes in Northwest Texas have active womens' groups affiliated with ECW:

In Coleman -

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

In Lubbock - 

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church 

St. Paul's on the Plains Episcopal Church

In Midland - 

St. Nicholas' Episcopal Church

In Odessa -

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

In Pampa - 

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

Diocesan ECW officers are listed at the bottom of the page with email links.

For more information about our diocesan ECW groups, please contact the parish by clicking on the parish name; contact the current diocesan ECW President, Nancy McReynolds, at; or contact the Provincial ECW President, JoAnn Rachele, also from Northwest Texas, at

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About The ECW President's Cross


The ECW President’s Cross in the Diocese of Northwest Texas has been worn by every president since the 1940’s. The retiring president gives it to the new president at her installation. It is a simple gold cross marked on the back “W.A.” for Women’s Auxiliary, which is what the Episcopal Churchwomen was called until the 1970’s.

Upon her retirement, each former president receives a replica of the cross, which has been custom made by an Abilene jeweler from gold jewelry of ECW members.

As stated by former president, Terry Jolliff, “ wonder at the symbolism of this piece of jewelry has never left me. I think of all the women before me who have dedicated years of their lives to ECW, and I think of the women who gave up treasures so the cross I receive could be forged. I see continuity of ECW, a blessing of our past and hope for our future.”

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 The Episcopal Church Women Prayer

ecw logo borderAlmighty God, we pray that you will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world. Help us to pray fervently, labor diligently and give liberally to make known the power of your love given through your son Jesus Christ. Let us not forget the lessons from the past nor fear the challenges of the future. Anoint us with your grace and shine in our hearts as we reflect your light throughout the world. Amen 

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Nancy McReynolds

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Paula Howbert

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JoAnn Rachele

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United Thank Offering Chair
Cindy Olive

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Triennial Delegate
Terry Joliffe