episcopalcenter2 mediumWelcome to the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Northwest Texas--a place where the vast open plains are as wondrous as the big sky above! As depicted in the pectoral cross of Bishop J. Scott Mayer, the stars, moon, and sun are representative of the beauty one may find in this region of Texas.  The landscape, covering 77,000 square miles is as diverse as the cities and people, with the canyons and rangelands of the Staked Plains; agricultural fields abounding; and the rough and ready country of the Rolling Plains.  The people here are known for their warm and friendly smiles, making one feel like an old and trusted friend.

Non-Texans who visit our website may find our West Texas culture, our flora and our fauna somewhat foreign.  Many may even wonder why we Texans love our state as we do.

To help our website viewers understand what we love about our "home" so much, we have chosen to include a beautiful slideshow from the webiste of Wyman Meinzer, considered to be the official photographer of Texas.  This talented and renowned photographer has a unique way of capturing the beauty, the lore, and the vastness of the West Texas region.  The slideshow is accompanied by an outstanding piano piece by West Texan, Doug Smith, who easily captured the essence of our unique region.

Please click the following link to view the slideshow presentation: West Texas by Wyman Meinzer