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Hulsey Episcopal Center History
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Are you ready to make a change in your current work setting?  The Diocese of Northwest Texas has lay job opportunities in some of our wonderful parishes. We also post openings for clergy positions in the diocese on our Transition Ministry page.

Before you reach for the classifieds, click the highlighted links and check out our employment opportunities. You'll see how rewarding working for God and his Church can be!

For a printed copy of the history, please contact the Communications Office.

hulsey visitor 1

Watch as this little visitor delighted and amused us on an otherwise bland day. It was a small reminder of the beauty and wonder of God's amazing creation.

catsleepingDuring the year the Episcopal Center has many visitors, most of whom are human. Occasionally we have a visitor of the 4-legged variety, usually escorted by their owners. Or we may see a lazy neighborhood cat sleeping on the porch railing in the afternoon sun.

Did you know that the Episcopal Center is also home to wild critters? Due to the beautiful trees surrounding the property the Center tends to attract many species of wild birds including the familiar mockingbirds, jays, robins, and sparrows, as well as playful little mammals such as the squirrels who romp up and down the tree trunks and play chase on the west lawn. We even spied two squirrels playing chase recently as they bounded over sprinkler heads WITH the sprinklers on, like children running through the summer sprinklers. What a sight that was!

Occasionally, however, we have an unusual species visit our Diocesan home. On a cool winter morning in January, a little friend greeted our Financial Manager, Anna Mora, as she parked her car. It seemed to be fascinated by the little bird it saw in her passenger side rear view mirror- a reflection of itself. It hopped back and forth repeatedly in an attempt to see where the “other” little bird was going. In researching this tiny member of the avian community we have discovered it is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a species that winters in the southern areas of the United States, but typically lives in the western and northern U.S. and Canada.

Even more interesting is the fact that it returned to Anna's rear view mirror the following day, as if it were waiting for her to arrive, and did the same thing it had done the day before. It flitted back and forth excitedly, peering into the mirror, then hopping back onto the top rim, as shown in the photo and the video clip below. Perhaps it was just just lonely and looking for a friend.

As stated above, we often have human visitors who drop by for a tour. The friendly staff are always ready to receive guests and give tours of our lovely home. We operate by the the Mexican saying, "Mi casa es su casa," which means "My house is your house too."

The Hulsey Episcopal is our diocesan home, and we welcome you, and God's beautiful creatures, anytime!

Front Door2

The Diocese of Northwest Texas

The Diocese of Northwest Texas is comprised of eighty counties covering 77,000 square miles.  Northwest Texas became a missionary district in 1911 when the Missionary District of Northern Texas split into two regions:  the Diocese of Dallas and the Missionary District of North Texas by action of the General Convention and petitioned the General Convention to become a diocese in 1958.  The diocese is the home of 32 parishes, missions and congregations; and five schools.

In the late 1800’s a brave and adventurous shepherd, Warren Bacon, came to Lubbock from Missouri to grow and tend his flocks of sheep, to live, and to prosper. Through many trials and tribulations he created a magnificent home where today a shepherd of another more human flock continues to grow and tend his “sheep.” The Bishop Sam Hulsey Episcopal Center, known also as the historic Bacon House, located at 1802 Broadway, has enjoyed a lively past and lives on in the hearts of Lubbock-ites as the home of the Episcopal Church in Northwest Texas. 

View a video about the Center...