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Hulsey Episcopal Center History
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Diocesan Youth Events 2017-2018

Exciting plans are in the works for a year of great weekend retreats for youth in grades 2-12.  Please mark your calendar and don't miss out! 

All events will be held in Lubbock

October 27-29
Fall Retreat for Middle School & High School (grades 6-12) 
November 17-19
Primary Youth Retreat (youth in grades 2-5)
 January 12-14
Midwinter Middle School & High School Retreat (grades 6-12) 
 March 23-25
Spring Primary Youth Retreat (youth grades 2-5)

For more information please contact Diocesan Youth Coordinator, Renee Haney, at 806-445-3667 or  




Camp Quarterman, named for the first Bishop of Northwest Texas, the Rt. Reverend George Quarterman, is always a favorite summertime activity for Episcopal youth who have completed grades 2-11. Before September of 2014, camps were always held at Bishop Quarterman Camp and Conference Center, later known as Quarterman Ranch, located on the northern outskirts of Amarillo, TX. Hundreds of campers passed through the camp entrance and were drawn closer to God through the activities, fellowship and worship at the camp. The Chapel of the Holy Spirit, located on the campus of Quarterman Ranch, was the center of worship at camp every morning. On the final day of camp the counselors and campers gathered around the cross situated in the middle of the labyrinth just adjacent to the chapel.


Sadly, in September of 2014, Quarterman Ranch was closed, leaving our Diocesan Youth Coordinator, Renee Haney, to re-imagine how the diocese should continue the camping experience in other locations. Due to the diligent and thorough research of Renee and her husband, the Rev. James Haney V, and with the approval of the Bishop of Northwest Texas, the Rt. Rev. Scott Mayer, a decision was made to offer two camps in remote locations. Camp Quarterman Sr., for youth going into grades 7-12, would be held in the mountains of Colorado, at Cathedral Ridge Episcopal Camp and Conference Center, located just outside of Woodland Park, Colorado. Camp Quarterman Jr., for children going into grades 3-5 would be held closer to home at Ceta Glen, part of Ceta Canyon Christian Camp, located outside of Happy, TX., in the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon. Sixth graders are given the opportunity to choose they camp they will attend.


(Photo on the left - Ceta Glen Christian Camp. Photo on the right -Cathedral Ridge Episcopal Camp and Conference Center)

Camp programs and curriculum are designed to draw the campers closer in their relationship to God and nature through activities inside and outside, group worship held every morning, fellowship, and FUN! Favorite activities at both locations include hiking, outoor activities, crafts, Human Clue, and talent shows.

With the conclusion of Camp Quarterman 2017, the diocese has experienced three highly successful camping seasons in both locations, due largely to the dedication and love of camp volunteers, counselors, and of course, Renee and Fr. Jim Haney. 

 For questions about camp or other youth activities in Northwest Texas, please contact the Youth Coordinator, Renee Haney, at






The Diocese of Northwest Texas has an active and vibrant youth program, including summer camps for children from grades 3-12, youth mission trips, and youth retreats during the school year. All the programs are designed to help children and youth develop a closer relationship with God through meaningful and FUN activities, and to understand the traditions and liturgy of the Episcopal Church through prayer and practice.

haney_familyThe youth in Northwest Texas are fortunate to have a leader with energy, a sense of purpose, and a true love for youth ministry. Renee Haney, Diocesan Youth Coordinator, leads all programs, often with the assistance of her husband, the Rev. James Haney V, who also has incredible talent and a love for youth ministry. Both Renee and Fr. Jim grew up in Lubbock, and attended summer camp at Bishop Quarterman Conference Center during their youth and teen years. Their son, Jimmy, and their daughter, Lisa, also attended camps in the summer months, and now play an integral role in youth ministry as counselors and assistants during youth events. You might say youth ministry and summer church camp are a Haney family tradition. Since their arrival back in Lubbock, where Fr. Jim is rector of St. Paul's on the Plains Episcopal Church, youth ministry has blossomed due to their involvement. The Haneys are native Lubbockites, and were thrilled for the opportunity to serve God in their home diocese again.

With summer camp completed for 2017, youth in the diocese can look forward to several times of retreat and spiritual growth during each school year.